Your eyesight is precious. Just ask any of the two million Americans who suffer eye injuries annually. When an accident happens, urgent care through Dr. Edward Fries and the team at the Decatur Eye Center in Decatur, Texas, is your best option for specialized vision care that minimizes long-term impact. Call the office to schedule an appointment today.

Urgent Care

by Edward H. Fries, MS, OD

What is urgent care?

The term “urgent care” describes any immediate medical attention provided for serious, but not life-threatening, acute or chronic illnesses or injuries. For example, urgent care clinics emerged as an alternative to hospital emergency departments. Urgent care practitioners have a wide base of medical knowledge, since the scope of urgent care may be broad. These caregivers can provide quality medical care to those in need, even when the illness or injury is outside any specialties they may have.

When your eyesight requires urgent care, calling Dr. Fries and the Decatur Eye Center is your first and best option. Dr. Fries is an eye expert, able to consider all aspects of your case and how it may affect vision both today and down the road. Professional eye care may be the difference between full and partial recovery.

What sorts of eye problems would require urgent care?

Injuries to the eye requiring urgent care range from minor to major, and even simple injuries can turn into bigger problems if infection begins. Anytime you have unusual pain or irritation, or if you’ve experienced an injury to your eye, call Decatur Eye Center as soon as possible. Some of the most common eye injuries requiring urgent care are listed below.

Scratched corneas
These injuries result from foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, or sand on the eye, followed by rubbing. You may also suffer corneal abrasions if something pokes you in the eye. Scratches are a gateway to eye infections, even when the scratch is minor.

Chemical burns
Burns may occur when you’re splashed or sprayed with a liquid other than clean water. Acids tend to cause a burning sensation immediately, but are also easy to flush out. Alkalis — substances such as toilet or oven cleaners — may not cause much discomfort immediately, so they may cause damage before you’re aware there’s a problem.

Foreign bodies
A small piece of metal, or something larger that penetrates the tissue of the eye is obviously serious. Because of the potential for scarring and vision loss, urgent care through Dr. Fries is your best option for care.

What steps should I take when an eye injury occurs?

Contact Decatur Eye Center immediately. If this isn’t possible, contact a local urgent care provider or hospital emergency department. You’ll be advised what further steps you should take prior to professional medical care.